İstanbul-Erivan (Yerevan)

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Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı seyahatleriniz için Dünyanın önde gelen havayolları ile uçak bileti satışlarımız başlamıştır.                      İster peşin ister kredi kartıyla ödemelerinizi gerçekleştirebilirsiniz


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(212) 528 64 17 (PBX)

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Ararat Hotel **** 4 Star


This is the place where you start to feel the warm atmosphere. The silence and serenity surrounding you will let you imagine you are in Paradise.
Dear visitor, We appreciate deeply your interest towards our Hotel. Lеt us bring to your attention one of the best hotels in Yerevan, Armenia. Ararat Hotel is not just a hotel, it’s a complex providing a wide range of hotel services as well as other attractive ways of rest and relaxation. We are looking forward to make your stay an enjoyable experience with top of the line facilities, stylish ambience and perfect, high-quality service. We hope you'll enjoy your stay with us and experience Armenian Hospitality that we are famous for. If there is a Paradise in Armenia, then it is the Garden of Eden, where you can start your secret path to our Hotel. The quietness and calmness surrounding you will let your soul attain an equilibrium… Reveal in yourself the harmonious adjustment to nature, let the natural rhythms deprive you of the sense of reality… Visit our “NOY” Restaurant, experience the traditional Armenian dishes, prepared by our professional cooks, and you will never forget their natural taste and flavor. Taste a variety of exotic cocktails with delicious canapés at our “Red Lounge” bar-restaurant. Enjoy the gentle atmosphere… Plunge into the warmth, surrounding you…. Whether you want to be away from the bustle of urban life, then visit our equestrian center, get close to a horse, give freedom to your wishes… Enjoy the marvelous view to Mountain Ararat… We offer an absolutely new kind of rest. Spend your leisure time in the nicest place in Dilijan, Armenia on the bank of Parz Lich. It's surely a nice spot to visit. You can spend your rest in Ararat Hotel Sevan as well. It’s a place where you can admire the brilliant beauty of the lake Sevan, relax and just have fun. Welcome to Ararat Hotel, where Hospitality is an Attitude. Here, you'll be met with a superior level of service and amenities throughout the hotel. Our hospitable and professional staff will do its best to make your stay at our hotel a pleasant and unforgettable one.


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